Fresh Ingredients & Hibachi

Hikari means light in Japanese; the opposite of Yami, it refers to the lighter side of one’s self. Lively, strong, independent; the philosophy of Hikari strives for the best of everything. So at Hakari, we are dedicated to striving for the best of everything, that includes our ingredients! We only use seasonal ingredients and understand how certain ingredients can change with the season. Rice is flakier in the winter and in summer it’s more dry. With this in mind, we can tailor our recipe to continue to make the best dishes possible. While we think of only four annual seasons, Japanese chefs consider dozens of seasons and carefully select ingredients that are in their prime with flavors that represent that specific period. March can consist of bitter components, which connect Japanese eaters with the flavors of the past. Fish is also seasonal, for example the Sea Bream is caught in the Akashi Straight is caught in Autumn due to the plentiful food available in the summer. In summer months the best fish selections are Sweetfish, Smelt-Whiting, Squid, Eel, Flounder, Jack Mackerel, Japanese Sea Bass, and Octopus. Winter brings out the best in Crab, Tuna, Pacific Cod, Shrimp, Monkfish, and Icefish. Our chefs know what’s in season and what is going to be the best to put on your plate!


Excitingly, we also offer Hibachi, which is a portable cooking apparatus consisting of a small grill over a brazier. More than just a style of dining, it’s an experience! Hibachi literally means “fire bowl”, which is a traditional heating device. Due to the low availability of metal in Japan during the time this was first used (around 794-1185 AD) early hibachis were made from dug-out cypress wood lined with clay. For most of it’s history Hibachi was used for heating but today Hibachi is used for cooking and socializing while watching your food be prepared right before your eyes. This makes it an interactive and fun dining experience that will leave you wanting more. Hibachi cooks meat, vegetables, and seafood dishes on a high heat metal cooking plate. Under the cooking plate is a wooden container filled with burning charcoal or wood. Come sit around the portable kitchen with your friends and watch the magic happen!