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Sake! What makes it special

Sake, or Japanese rice wine is closely related to how beer is brewed. Sake means “liquor” in Japanese, and is made from fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. It typically has more alcohol than beer or wine though coming in at around 18%-20%. Since sake is best served fresh and it […]

Fresh Ingredients & Hibachi

Hikari means light in Japanese; the opposite of Yami, it refers to the lighter side of one’s self. Lively, strong, independent; the philosophy of Hikari strives for the best of everything. So at Hakari, we are dedicated to striving for the best of everything, that includes our ingredients! We only use seasonal ingredients and understand […]

The Art of Sushi

The Art of Sushi Appearing in Japan in the 2nd century, sushi has had a long traditional history that stretches back to when fermented rice was used to store fish, and the rice wasn’t even eaten with it. Because of it’s rich history and beautiful cultural complexity, you can imagine why sushi is crafted with […]